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Noun1.academic administrator - an administrator in a college or universityacademic administrator - an administrator in a college or university
administrator, decision maker - someone who administers a business
dean - an administrator in charge of a division of a university or college
prexy, president - the head administrative officer of a college or university
provost - a high-ranking university administrator
registrar - the administrator responsible for student records
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pretty much what other academic administrators do: make and keep track
One female academic administrator in the sciences, a woman in her thirties married with young children, admits that women would want things changed, but points out that there is not much they can do at present:
Gina Brown, AUC's academic administrator, said Thursday the Seventh-day Adventist college, which lost accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in 2011, has withdrawn its application for accreditation with Virginia-based Transnational Association of Christian Colleges, a process that began more than a year ago.
While he has not served as an academic administrator before, McRaven is not unfamiliar with Texas higher education.
It is thought to have been sent to hundreds of students and came from University College academic administrator Kristiana Dahl's address.
As a longtime academic administrator, I like to describe myself
Speaking on behalf of the school owned by AMSI (Academia Management Solutions International), Hanan Ghossaini, academic administrator said that the school recognises the value of lifesaving skills outside curricula and regularly organises similar training workshops.
Shalala, a public servant and academic administrator and Kadi.
In the ideal world of the academic administrator what educational institutions need are more university citizens, who are mindful of their institution's place in the larger community and fewer parochial advocates seemingly interested only in the welfare of their departments.
Roy Wilson, M.D., M.S., an award-winning physician and academic administrator, as NIMH's Deputy Director Strategic Scientific Planning and Program Coordination.
No academic administrator has a personal discretionary power to violate the principle of academic freedom.
In the United States, Canada and Australia, the provost is the senior academic administrator at many institutions of higher education.

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