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Noun1.academic degree - an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of studyacademic degree - an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study; "he earned his degree at Princeton summa cum laude"
accolade, honor, laurels, honour, award - a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction; "an award for bravery"
associate degree, associate - a degree granted by a two-year college on successful completion of the undergraduates course of studies
bachelor's degree, baccalaureate - an academic degree conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies
honours, honours degree - a university degree with honors
master's degree - an academic degree higher than a bachelor's degree but lower than a doctor's degree
doctorate, doctor's degree - one of the highest earned academic degrees conferred by a university
law degree - degree conferred on someone who successfully completes law school
honorary degree, honoris causa - a degree conferred to honor the recipient
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4 Poles are well educated - 90% of Poland's youths complete at least secondary education and 50% have an academic degree.
In a short order, the tribunal had declared the academic degree of Siddique Khan Baloch as fake and his election from the National Assembly constituency in the 2013 polls null and void and ordered a re-election.
Since then, USCB has tripled its academic degree programs, doubled its FTE enrollment, opened its first on-campus housing, joined the NAIA Sun Conference, and fielded conference and national award-winning Sand Shark athletic programs in nine sports.
Awadh expressed his pleasure for the employees on this academic degree and wished them success in their future career, and to get higher academic degrees.
Since its beginning in 1965, EF has helped millions of students travel the world to explore new destinations and cultures, learn a language, or earn an academic degree.
The Air Force has implemented changes to the advanced academic degree and developmental education information visible on officer selection briefs for promotion boards.
The competition, held for the first time, grouped 23 contestants - all Kuwaiti academic degree students in Jordan - and is set to continue henceforth on an annual basis, according to Cultural Attache Al-Dhifeeri.
Scholarships are searchable by subject, academic degree, minority group, and other factors.
The program stipulates that both parties shall take necessary steps to issue certificates and academic degree equivalencies within the framework of laws and regulations enforced by the two countries, as well as provide a number of grants in various fields by the two countries.
For the past 10-15 years, parents and young people have been led to believe that the route into a successful employment is the achievement of an academic degree.
As to the three year and four year degree, if they worked full-time and cut the dross, an academic degree would be attainable in two years or three for sandwich courses.
Moreover, having an advanced academic degree is no guarantee that one has the practical knowledge or leadership qualities necessary to run a business or university.

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