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Noun1.academic gown - a gown worn by academics or judgesacademic gown - a gown worn by academics or judges  
academic costume - a costume worn on formal occasions by the faculty or students of a university or college
Geneva gown - black academic gown widely used by Protestant clergymen
robe, gown - outerwear consisting of a long flowing garment used for official or ceremonial occasions
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She was an anachronism even then, the only teacher in the school still sporting a black academic gown. Her thin grey hair was permanently scraped back into a bun from which only the odd wisp of hair dared escape.
The academics gathered were all decked in gowns of Ku Leuven that ranged from black to grey robes with black or red caps, excluding the honoree who was decked in black academic gown, a black academic cap over a blue suit and white shirt.
'Miss Dahl, I take it?' The voice had a nasal, reedy timbre: Mr Patterson, headmaster, out patrolling his colony, wearing his academic gown. In this warmth and amid all this beauty, he seemed in his subfusc gloom an anomaly.
Indeed, the academic gown has become so widely known in higher education that it has been used to iconographically represent the academy in associations between colleges, universities, and surrounding communities, (i.e.
The last time I savored his performance as an all-around artist was at the Singapore Arts Festival of 2013, when he delivered a speech onstage while clad in an academic gown over his usual T-shirt and G-string.
His coffin, covered with an academic gown, was wheeled into Holy Family Basilica yesterday afternoon.
Wearing an academic gown and mortar board, he was cheered by the crowd as he opened the ceremony.
Mabini almost missed his graduation because he had no money to buy or rent an academic gown for the commencement exercise.
In particular, this contribution analyzes Galileo's long poem Capitolo contro il portar la toga ('Against the Donning of the Gown'), written by the great scientist in Dante's terza rima but in the parodie spirit of Francesco Berni's poetry and Ludovico Ariosto's Satires, mocking the custom of professors at the University of Pisa of wearing the academic gown. The Capitolo is mainly a witty divertissement, both linguistically reckless (often based on the figure of the calembour) and thematically daring for its sexual allusions.
Quinn Coan was wearing a Hogwarts-style academic gown as he celebrated his 21st birthday at Cambridge University's Pembroke College.
And the task of creating the academic gown has fallen to 23-year-old Kate Duckworth, who impressed with her work as a student at the Queensgate campus.

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