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Noun1.academic relation - a professional relation between instructors and those they instructacademic relation - a professional relation between instructors and those they instruct
professional relation - the relation that exists when one person requests and is granted professional help from a qualified source
teacher-student relation - the academic relation between teachers and their students
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Figure 1 shows a general view of framework of academic relation network construction.
Aditya Sharma, Academic Relation Manager of Wipro Group North India said the main object of the programme is not only to introduce the faculty members with the oldest processor 8085 & 8086 to the latest technology but also making them more familiar with technology and removing the difference between the Academia and Corporate World.
Hailing cultural and academic relations between the two countries, the ambassador said that Austria is one of the four main Iranian key European allies in academic areas.
An IMA member since 1983, Paul has been a member of the Global Board of Directors since 2012, chair of the ICMA Board of Regents since 2017, and has served as chair of the IMA Research Foundation, the Performance Oversight and Audit Board Committee, and the Committee on Academic Relations. He spent 10 years as associate editor of IECJ[R] (IMA Educational Case Journal).
LAHORE -- A Chinese delegation led by Jiangxi University of Science and Technology President Prof Dr Luo Sihai on Monday visited Punjab University and discussed promotion of academic relations among the institutions.
Addressing the meeting, Prof Niaz Ahmad stressed the need to promote academic relations among the institutions of higher learning.
Ambassador Johansson said Pakistan and Sweden have huge potential to enhance academic relations. 'We want to encourage Pakistani students to choose Swedish universities for higher education and research,' she stated.
About the objectives of the programme, the official informed that the aim of the programme is to encourage substantial cooperation between the education institutions, research organizations, innovative and innovative-industrial enterprises of both the countries in expanding their business and academic relations in the field of scientific and technological research through joint research projects.
He stressed the need for exploring ways to further strengthen bilateral academic relations and research linkages.

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