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Noun1.academic requirement - a requirement for admission to or completion of an academic programacademic requirement - a requirement for admission to or completion of an academic program
prerequisite, requirement - something that is required in advance; "Latin was a prerequisite for admission"
language requirement - a requirement that a student know certain languages
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They follow each academic requirement in order to craft an assignment help solution that meets all specifications provided by students.
Board Vice President Susan Gately said library staff and other members of the community felt strongly about the need to protect the integrity of the position and the institution with the academic requirement.
As well as gaining the academic requirement for CEng registration, he was also able to use work from his degree to underpin the development of some of the required competences.
"The fact that our programs were seen as substantial enough to meet CIM's academic requirement proves that we are a leader in business education."
Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines said the thesis "was written to satisfy an academic requirement - not media curiosity".
Participants will be able to complete this core academic requirement for the Credit Business Associate (CBA) designation in a fluid and self-directed manner.
FATA University Vice Chancellor briefing about the future plan informed that infrastructure of the FATA university and administrative and academic requirement is more than six faculties as per FATA University Regulations 2013 will be completed in different phases.
'Students should learn early the value of research, not as a mere academic requirement but as a tool to spark discussions and reforms as called for.'
In accordance with the academic requirement, relevant teachers of GCT Railway Road were sent to get training in Japan.
'Our senior high school students speak of difficulty coping with increased pressure and stress with the lumping of too many difficult subjects, too many academic requirements, lack of guidance and counseling, heightened competition and increasing level of expectation from teachers and parents.'

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