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Noun1.academic robe - a gown worn by academics or judgesacademic robe - a gown worn by academics or judges  
academic costume - a costume worn on formal occasions by the faculty or students of a university or college
Geneva gown - black academic gown widely used by Protestant clergymen
robe, gown - outerwear consisting of a long flowing garment used for official or ceremonial occasions
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To read a long passage from a chained book, seated at a lectern on an uncomfortable stool, wearing an academic robe, might give one a sense of a medieval college student's life, even if one only does so for an hour.
Contract Notice: The University of Aberdeen wishes to invite offers for the Provision of a Combined Academic Robe and Photography Service, as per Specification attached.
The old and the new (top and left): Restored rooms inside the the Elgar birthplace cottage in Lower Broadheath contrast with the modern setting of the birthplace museum; Clockwise from top: The Elgar Centre in Lower Broadheath, Worcestershire; a painting in the entrance, called Enigma, by Norman Perryman; an academic robe worn by Sir Edward Elgar; relaxing in the garden of the Birthplace Museum
The Dalai Lama's specially made academic robe -which he will keep -has been made in the traditional red and gold symbolising the wisdom and strength of Buddhism.
Tenders are invited for national university of ireland (nui) and its member institutions are seeking a company / companies experienced in the supply of academic dress to provide exclusive on site supply of academic robes and related support services for up to 9,000 graduates per annumtype of contract: supplies
Swallowed up in the baggy academic robes of Georgetown University, Charlie Rose stood before the schools graduating class of 2015, shifting into the final moments of a commencement speech on lessons learned from one of the most celebrated careers in broadcast journalism.
Wearing academic robes, he appeared to fall asleep at the Open University ceremony, as his eyes shut and his head lolled.
Sixty two seniors donned their academic robes and gathered together for the last time on May 4, as the Class of 2017 marked the completion of their studies at Georgetown University in Qatar's (GU-Q) traditional commencement ceremony.
COLLEGE GRADUATION: While similar in many respects to a high school graduation, the convocation ceremony involves more elaborate trappings with faculty members decked out in their academic robes and hats.
At the end of the ceremony, they donned academic robes -- the only time they will wear them until their graduation ceremony in four years' time.
After the ceremony, Stone put aside his academic robes to take part in an informal interview in front of an invited audience.
Debbie was presented with a special trophy by the troop's uniform suppliers, Academic Robes, of Lockwood.

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