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We learn first to play with it academically, as the magnet was once a toy.
I recollected that in my young college-settlement days I had even written an article on the subject for one of the magazines and that I had entitled it "The Dream of Debs." And I must confess that I had treated the idea very cavalierly and academically as a dream and nothing more.
The event is a fund raising initiative disadvantaged but academically gifted youths and the funds go towards their education fees and costs through high school and college education.Every ticket sale proceeds towards this charity.
Established in 2003, she said the therapy sought to solve the puzzle of why a bright child was unable to perform well academically including finding it hard to master skills such as reading, writing, math and spelling.
The project was developed to prepare students to excel academically and gain admission to postsecondary education.
The survey, published by the Varkey Foundation, a global education charity, found that just 11% of UK parents say they spend seven hours or more a week helping their child academically - equivalent to at least an hour a day.
As Holly thrives academically, athletically, and socially in this competitive environment, Line is drowning.
Summary: The actress says her children are academically inclined, but she would be thrilled at the idea
And the trio have enrolled on courses at Northumbria with a view to pushing themselves academically as well as bagging big BUCS minutes.
Poor but 'academically able' college students, especially those under the student financial assistance programs (Stufaps) and whose households are included in the conditional cash transfer program, will enjoy tuition-free schooling this year, according to the free college education policy.
How to Differentiate Instruction in Academically Diverse Classrooms, 3rd Edition