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n. pl. a·can·thae (-thē)
A sharp spiny part or structure, such as the spinous process of a vertebra.

[New Latin, from Greek akantha, thorn.]


a pointed, projecting structure, such as a thorn or prickle
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Noun1.acantha - any sharply pointed projection
projection - any solid convex shape that juts out from something
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Dietrich and Deitz (1993) listed as synapomorphies for Cicadellidae: the mesonotum exposed posteriorly, the labium not reaching the metathoracic coxae, m-cul crossvein present, metatibia with distinct long setae, tarsomere I of hind leg without cucullate setae, stemum IX and subgenital plate not fused, and abdominal tergum with divided acanthae; all of which are homoplastic characters in their analysis.
Acanthae of various sizes and shapes were present with the greatest variation in size on the largest lobe where relatively large placoid-like acanthae were observed.