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Noun1.acanthoma - a neoplasm originating in the epidermisacanthoma - a neoplasm originating in the epidermis
neoplasm, tumor, tumour - an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
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(10-14) In contrast, HPV was rarely detected in extragenital SK and other non-HPV-mediated lesions on genital skin (such as fibroepithelial polyp, epidermolytic acanthoma, and chronic dermatitis).
Clear cell acanthoma (CCA) is a rare skin lesion originating from epidermal keratinocytes.
The clinical differential diagnosis included supernumerary nipple, eccrine poroma, clear cell acanthoma, papillary eccrine adenoma, tubular apocrine adenoma, keloid, melanoma, and nonmelanoma skin cancer.
Based on the clinical history and physical examination, diagnoses considered were pyogenic granuloma, amelanotic melanoma, clear cell acanthoma, and basal cell carcinoma.
(2,3,5) The presentation of SK lesions is highly variable, which has led to the use of several synonyms to identify the condition, including basal cell acanthoma, basal cell papilloma, benign acanthokeratoma, verruca seborrhoica (seborrheic wart), and verruca senilis (senile wart).
The nomenclature of this tumor has been widely discussed, and the concept of reticulated acanthoma with sebaceous differentiation (RASD) was introduced by Steffen and Ackerman in 1993 in an effort to rename SESD (13).
Histopathological differential diagnoses of NC include: trichofolliculoma, dilated pore of Winer, pilar sheath acanthoma, and folliculocystic and collagen comedo hamartoma [3].
Clinically, they resemble seborrhoeic keratoses, post-eczema acanthomata and acantholytic acanthoma. The lesions of post-pemphigus acanthomata usually develop during the remission phase of disease and undergo spontaneous involution with treatment.
Cases have been reported of using LF on the face for closure of small defects resulting from surgical treatment of basal cell carcinoma, cystic acne, and kerato acanthoma [Chasmar, 2007].
It is more common in women than in men and it is mostly seen at lower extremity.1-3 It is clinically necessary to consider granular cell tumor, clear cell acanthoma, melanoma and dermatofi-
There were 2 patients with epidermal inclusion cysts and 1 patient each with acantholytic acanthoma and multiple lentigines.