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Adj.1.acanthotic - of or relating to or having acanthosisacanthotic - of or relating to or having acanthosis
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Skin biopsy was done from the active border of the lesion, which showed markedly hyperkeratotic, hyperplastic and acanthotic squamous epithelium.
It is regarded as a degenerative process, considering the fact that it is frequently encountered in the fifth and sixth decade and there are increments in the number and size of acanthotic nodules with advancing age (11).
A skin biopsy taken from the raised border of the plaque revealed a typical transepidermal tunnel containing destroyed elastic fibers through the acanthotic epidermis.
Acquired digital fibrokeratoma (ADF) is normally a polypoid acral lesion histologically showing vertically oriented collagen and fibrocytes in the dermis, which are typically encased by the acanthotic, hyperkeratotic epidermis.
Punch biopsy taken from a lesion was sent to histopathological examination, which revealed deep, wide invagination of acanthotic epidermis, filled with concentric lamellae of keratin but absence of hair shafts (Figure 2).
The light microscopic examination revealed squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) as acanthotic squamous epithelium with deep rete pegs, epithelial and keratin pearls, pleomorphism, stromal infiltration and hyperchromatic nuclei (Fig.
Nearly all precancerous lesions (leukoplakia, erythroplakia and lichen planus) in their histology shows acanthotic change but it is reactive in nature in most of the cases.
Histological examination showed an acanthotic epidermal pattern with a compact keratin layer, and enlarged clear cells with perinuclear vacuolization in the superficial squamous layer.
Out of 20 cases of ameloblastoma, thirteen (65%) were of follicular and plexiform with equal frequency, two (10%) were of granular cell variant, two (10%) were arising in the dentigerous cyst, two (10%) were of acanthotic variant with squamous differentiation and one (5%) was of unicystic ameloblastoma.
Subjacent epidermis was atrophied; acanthotic septae and papillary projections were overlain by orthokeratotic spires separating pouches.
In histopathology view, hyperkeratinized and acanthotic squamous epithelium with or without cellular vacuolization or edema of Glycogen-rich cells are seen.