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Adj.1.acanthotic - of or relating to or having acanthosisacanthotic - of or relating to or having acanthosis
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The epithelium in condyloma acuminatum is acanthotic with variable degree of papillomatosis.
A punch biopsy was taken, which upon histopathological examination showed mildly acanthotic epidermis with mild nonspecific chronic perivascular inflammation in the upper dermis.
Histopathology of this pigmented lesion showed acanthotic epidermis with melanin pigmentation of basal keratinocytes and papillary dermal nodular accumulation of melanophages and lymphocytes, which were consistent with tumoral melanosis.
Acralacanthosis nigricans (acral acanthotic anomaly) occurs in patients who are otherwise in good health.
[5] The epidermis over the lymphatic lesion appears acanthotic, hyperkeratotic, or atrophic.
In our case, the diagnosis of VX was based on the histopathological features characterized by epithelial hyperplasia in a verrucous pattern and the acanthotic thickened rete ridges combined with the foamy cell aggregations that exhibited strong immunoreactivity for the macrophage marker CD68 [1, 3, 5].
Skin biopsy was done from the active border of the lesion, which showed markedly hyperkeratotic, hyperplastic and acanthotic squamous epithelium.
It is regarded as a degenerative process, considering the fact that it is frequently encountered in the fifth and sixth decade and there are increments in the number and size of acanthotic nodules with advancing age (11).
A skin biopsy taken from the raised border of the plaque revealed a typical transepidermal tunnel containing destroyed elastic fibers through the acanthotic epidermis.
Histopathology is characterised by a papillomatous acanthotic epithelium consisting of basal cells with small regular nuclei.
The skin biopsy revealed regular acanthotic epidermis, a dense dermal infiltrate of pleomorphic atypical lymphoid cells, and destruction of the blood vessels' walls by abnormal lymphocytes (Figures 2(a) and 2(b)).
The epidermis is often acanthotic with basal layer hyperpigmentation [1, 3].