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An abnormal fear that one's skin is infested with mites or other parasites.

ac′a·ro·phobe′ n.
ac′a·ro·pho′bic (-fō′bĭk) adj.
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a fear of itching or of the mites or ticks that cause it.
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Noun1.acarophobia - a morbid fear of small insects and mites and wormsacarophobia - a morbid fear of small insects and mites and worms
zoophobia - a morbid fear of animals
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It is also known as acarophobia, delusional infestation, psychogenic parasitosis or Ekbom syndrome.
The keywords included the following: parasitosis, delusional; ectoparasitosis, delusional; infestations, delusional; Ekbom's syndrome; acarophobia; and Morgellons disease.
Older names (acarophobia, dermatophobia) are misleading because DP is not a phobia: patients are not scared of insects or micro-organisms, and do not recognise their disorder as irrational.