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 (ā-kô′dāt′) also a·cau·dal (ā-kôd′l)
Having no tail.
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Adj.1.acaudate - lacking a tail or taillike appendageacaudate - lacking a tail or taillike appendage
zoological science, zoology - the branch of biology that studies animals
caudate, caudated - having a tail or taillike appendage
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13:4-7), the third verse of which is acaudate at the end of folio 115v (noon is til to oon.
In the case of the gap in the manuscript between folios 115v and 116r, however, I have restored only the missing portions of acaudate Psalm 13:2 and acephalous Psalm 88:43, indicating the bulk of the other missing material (one or more leaves) by an ellipsis.