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1. A highly flammable substance used to start a fire intentionally.
2. Chemistry A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, especially by catalysis.


(Chemistry) chem another name for accelerator3
[C20: from Latin from accelerāns, present participle of accelerāre to go faster]


(ækˈsɛl ər ənt)

1. something that speeds up a process.
3. a substance that intensifies a fire or accelerates its spread.
[1915–20; < Latin]
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I would like to ask parents if their child has come home smelling of smoke or accelerant over recent days.
But prosecuting barrister Anna Price said he could only have intended the victim harm when he poured an accelerant through the letter box of a house in a North Wales seaside town.
A Cleveland Police spokesperson said yesterday: "Cleveland Police received a report that a bottle containing a lighted accelerant was thrown at a property on Grove Street, Stockton, at around 2.
Atlanta, US-based investment firm BIP Capital has merged with US-based Accelerant Venture Capital, the firm said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 17, 2017-Southeast Investment Firm BIP Capital Merges with Accelerant Venture Capital
The situation quickly turned around, however, with a new addition to the fire department: a trained accelerant detection canine named Judge who began working with Laubach.
He had some sort of accelerant with him in a container.
Judge Richardson's ruling was largely based on a 2013 state Fire Marshal's Office report that discredited trial testimony that there was an accelerant found at the crime scene.
Accelerant is currently accepting applications for this cohort at http://www.
HOW a man ended up covered in accelerant and burned alive in his own home may never be known.
30pm on Monday one vehicle had windows smashed and accelerant poured over it in Drumleck Gardens, Derry.
It took him less than four minutes to find six dashes of accelerant and press his nose -- or, as Murray's adoring daughters call it, his ''moneymaker'' -- onto each scent, leaving a trail of wet smudges behind him.