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1. A highly flammable substance used to start a fire intentionally.
2. Chemistry A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, especially by catalysis.


(Chemistry) chem another name for accelerator3
[C20: from Latin from accelerāns, present participle of accelerāre to go faster]


(ækˈsɛl ər ənt)

1. something that speeds up a process.
3. a substance that intensifies a fire or accelerates its spread.
[1915–20; < Latin]
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Daisy is an accelerant detection canine and along with her partner, John Peters, work for the Westchester County Police Department in New York.
30pm on Monday one vehicle had windows smashed and accelerant poured over it in Drumleck Gardens, Derry.
It took him less than four minutes to find six dashes of accelerant and press his nose -- or, as Murray's adoring daughters call it, his ''moneymaker'' -- onto each scent, leaving a trail of wet smudges behind him.
We don't know who or why or how it was ignited, but based on the totality of the evidence, there is a very likely chance some type of accelerant was used," he said.
Michael Klein, an analyst for Accelerant, stated, It s a touch-point for brand recognition, It s a way to extend the market of branding into the text world.
The pair, aged 22 and 23, were burning rubbish at Parc Cemlyn in Prestatyn when the accelerant caused the fire to "flash up".
developed a self-healing composite including a matrix precursor, 10-nm to 300micron microcapsules containing a liquid acrylic oligomer, an activator, and an accelerant.
com)-- Accelerant Research, a full-service marketing research and consulting firm in Charlotte, North Carolina - and creators of the popular BlogNog.
Waste management business Niramax said there were signs of an accelerant at the scene and fire chiefs confirmed the blaze, which sent large plumes of black smoke into the air, was now under investigation
It seems they got some petrol or some accelerant and poured it through the extractor fan pipe - I've no idea why as I've got no enemies I know of.
Several quantities of accelerant were considered and are disclosed in the scenarios.
The program trains the four-legged friends to help investigators pinpoint the location of accelerant residue, such as gasoline, kerosene and lighter fluid.