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1. A highly flammable substance used to start a fire intentionally.
2. Chemistry A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, especially by catalysis.
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(Chemistry) chem another name for accelerator3
[C20: from Latin from accelerāns, present participle of accelerāre to go faster]
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(ækˈsɛl ər ənt)

1. something that speeds up a process.
3. a substance that intensifies a fire or accelerates its spread.
[1915–20; < Latin]
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He said the victim's clothing was taken away to be examined forensically for any traces of accelerant, adding that the 'crime officers indicated that there was no smell of accelerant in the house or on the clothing of the victim.'
'Investigators believe the incident was the work of an arsonist as police found a plastic container in one of the cars that smelled of accelerant,' he said in a statement today.
A white BMW 1 series had accelerant poured on it before it was set alight.
They then threw a lit accelerant inside the vehicle before making off in the direction of Jarvie Avenue.
The investigation found that an accelerant had been used to start the vehicle on fire, and Schuyler was responsible.
On May 2, even the head-in-the-sands deniers' favourite organ, the Daily Telegraph, told us that the switch to a post-fossil economy is more likely to be an accelerant to GDP growth, akin to the successive upheavals of steam power, electricity and digital technology, each with a ripening phase of 30 years or so.
Technicals are proving to be a significant accelerant too, after the 10-year yield and the S&P 500 broke their respective 200-day moving averages.
Before leaving his terrified victim, he then set the store on fire using an accelerant. West Midlands Fire crews quickly attended and put the fire out.
Polish national Swiatek, 31, told police he wanted officers to kill him and he had planned to pour the barbecue accelerant over his head and set himself on fire.
"14 of 29 [rural] counties are suffering from equal/declining population rates since the 2010 census," says Joel Smith, CEO of Accelerant. Meanwhile, projections from the Kem C.
The house, at Islay Street in Antrim, was targeted shortly after midnight when an accelerant was poured around the area and set alight.
I would like to ask parents if their child has come home smelling of smoke or accelerant over recent days.