acceleration principle

accelera′tion prin`ciple

the economic principle that an increase in the demand for a finished product will create a greater demand for capital goods. Also called accel′erator prin`ciple.
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Theories that explain the factors affecting investment, such as final return on investment, the neoclassical theory of investment and the acceleration principle, focus on two factors in investment: financing expenses and production volume.
GDP at factor cost: According to the neoclassical theory and the acceleration principle, the coefficient of this variable shows the effects of production demand on investment.
Other implications of the maximal acceleration principle in Nature, like neutrino oscillations and other phenomena, have been studied by [54], [67], [22].
Toller [73] has explored the different possible geometries associated with the maximal acceleration principle and the physical implications of the meaning of an "observer", "measuring device" in the cotangent space.
the intercompany transaction) to be determined on a separate member basis, not under the matching and acceleration principles of the proposed regulations.
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