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server-only version provides an average acceleration ratio of 3, while the easily managed client-server version offers a ratio of 5-6, with the best case approaching 10.
The analyzer displays the signals as amplitude and phase of the acceleration ratio between the top and bottom accelerometers.
At certain frequencies, the amplitude of the acceleration ratio goes through local resonant peaks occurring in the kHz region.
303 redemptions on the future acceleration ratio in Sec.
The Proxyconn Internet Accelerator utilizes the client-server approach to achieve up to 6x acceleration ratios for web content and email.
MacVittie added, "During our tests, the device provided acceleration ratios as high as 15 times the baseline, and the difference in time saved transferring files between 'warm' cache hits and 'cold' uncached data access is astounding -- an 11x multiplier for our monster 1-GB TIFF file.
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