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v. ac·cel·er·at·ed, ac·cel·er·at·ing, ac·cel·er·ates
a. To increase the speed of: accelerated the engine. See Synonyms at speed.
b. Physics To change the velocity of.
2. To cause to occur sooner than expected: accelerated his retirement by a year.
3. To cause to develop or progress more quickly: a substance used to accelerate a fire.
a. To reduce the time required for (an academic course, for example); compress into a shorter period.
b. To make it possible for (a student) to finish an academic course faster than usual.
To move or act faster.

[Latin accelerāre, accelerāt- : ad-, intensive pref.; see ad- + celerāre, to quicken (from celer, swift).]

ac·cel′er·a′tive adj.
ac·cel′er·a·to′ry (-ər-ə-tôr′ē) adj.


(ækˈsɛl əˌreɪ tɪv, -ər ə tɪv)

also ac•cel′er•a•to`ry,

tending to accelerate; increasing the velocity of.
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Adj.1.accelerative - tending to increase velocityaccelerative - tending to increase velocity  
increasing - becoming greater or larger; "increasing prices"
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9) Taking into account both factors of acceleration--magnitude and duration--whiplash trauma produces more than 150 times greater accelerative force than plopping in a chair.
Hensley, while stressing the economy's anomalous behavior, suspects that at worst the immediate future may bring increased wage pressures, which he doubts will be as accelerative as they've been in the past, and other "manageable" bumps.
Researchers have noted that positive, accelerative interventions tend to be rated more acceptable by teachers than decelerative interventions (Irvin & Lundervold, 1988; Tamowski et al.
the "inability of management to match reaction time to the accelerative rate of change.
4-liter "Boxer" six-cylinder engine delivers a stirring rush of acoustic and accelerative bliss, and in the Cayman S this powerplant is combined with near-telepathic steering and a voluptuous body with curves bordering on sinful.
Chambers chairs the MDG Health Alliance, an initiative of the Special Envoy's office that works in partnership with governments, non-government organizations, academic institutions, and corporations to develop innovative and accelerative efforts to drive progress toward achieving the MDGs.
The accelerative emerging services such as social networking and video on demand produce increasing requirement on bandwidth elasticity and dynamics, which results in great challenge to existing optical networks.
This model is part of the new generation Colt range and drives in with some impressive statistics bearing in mind that it is still a fast and accelerative car.
Bugatti insiders say they want to build the world's fastest, most accelerative saloon, so power is likely to be over 800bhp, with a top speed of nearly 240.
A multi-phase electric motor that fits into a wheel hub and provides accelerative and regenerative power to a vehicle.
Neal & Kelly (2002) draw an important distinction between intervention and remediation, by identifying six characteristics of successful intervention programs that accelerate reading skills in older students: 1) Consider individual student needs; 2) Implement an apprenticeship model of teaching and learning; 3) Select appropriate materials; 4) Establish a focus on accelerative instruction; 5) Consider the role of fluent responding; and, 6) Provide for affirmation of success.
The fitted five- speed automatic transmission takes the edge off the big V6's accelerative prowess, taking an extra 1.

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