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Noun1.accelerator pedal - a pedal that controls the throttle valveaccelerator pedal - a pedal that controls the throttle valve; "he stepped on the gas"
aeroplane, airplane, plane - an aircraft that has a fixed wing and is powered by propellers or jets; "the flight was delayed due to trouble with the airplane"
auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
foot lever, foot pedal, treadle, pedal - a lever that is operated with the foot
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The e-Pedal allows drivers to use and step on the accelerator pedal to accelerate, decelerate and stop.
The driver of a Ferrari Spider crashed his $270,000 supercar into a garden, claiming the accelerator pedal became stuck.
However, the logs indicated that the accelerator pedal was pressed just before impact.
German engineering firm Bosch has developed a haptic accelerator pedal for cars which it says can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 7% and alert drivers of potentially dangerous driving situations.
SUA, according to Mitsubishi, can be caused by (1) Pedal Entrapment, usually caused by old floor mats; (2) Pedal Misapplication, which occurs when the driver accidentally steps on the throttle instead of the brake; (3) Mechanical/Electronic Failure, which isn't possible even with a faulty fuel injector, due to multiple safety checks performed by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU); and finally (4) a sticky accelerator pedal.
The global accelerator pedal module market has experienced several technological changes over the past few years.
A RETIRED teacher inadvertently pressed the accelerator pedal too long and her car smashed into a wall and the side of a house, a coroner concluded.
In either mode, full performance can be accessed by kicking down on the accelerator pedal, as in a vehicle with a conventional automatic gearbox.
If the accelerator pedal arm breaks, the engine will return to idle and the driver will be unable to maintain or increase engine speed, increasing the risk of a crash," the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration quality watchdog said in a statement.
While remaining stationary or driving at speeds of less than approximately 10km/h, if the system determines that the driver stepped too hard on the accelerator pedal -- for instance by mistakenly stepping on the accelerator pedal instead of the brake pedal -- when there is an obstacle within approximately four meters in front of the vehicle, the driver will receive audio and visual warnings, and the system will control engine output to restrain the vehicle from moving forward.
Toyota announced a recall of 154,036 2010 Lexus RX 350 and RX 450h vehicles in June to address a risk that a loose floormat could force down the accelerator pedal.
The floor mats can trap the accelerator pedal when it is depressed, and when this happens the model will not decelerate as expected once the driver releases the pedal, with a resultant loss of control.

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