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An accelerometer equipped to measure and record ground motion during an earthquake.
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Through a device that acts as an accelerograph sensor and a Web portal system, the technology provider and its users can monitor the structural health of buildings.
The example comparison is presented in Figure 1 and Figure 2 for the co-located Italian GUMA GPS station and accelerograph. SM data was processed and band-pass filtered by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology on cut-off frequencies of 0.05-70 Hz.
The eigenfrequency for this fourth mode in the Gemona region is evaluated to be about 3.8 Hz and it compares well with one of the dominant frequencies (96) for the spectral response estimated from the Friuli 1976-1977 earthquake sequence at the Tolmezzo-Ambiesta dam (TLM1) accelerograph site.
and Shin, S.J.: 2006, Surface wave tomography from ambient seismic noise of accelerograph networks in Southern Korea.
This method was developed processing the most important time history records of shallow events (39 events) and events of intermediate depth, (40 events) that have occurred in the central region, Los Santanderes region, and the western region of the country which were provided by the Colombian National Accelerograph Network (RNAC), from 1994 to 2001.
and Zhou, X.: 2007, Comparisons of ground motions from collocated and closely spaced one-sample-per-second Global Positioning System and accelerograph recordings of the 2003 M 6.5 San Simeon, California, earthquake in the Parkfield region.