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An instrument used to measure acceleration.

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(General Physics) an instrument for measuring acceleration, esp of an aircraft or rocket
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(ækˌsɛl əˈrɒm ɪ tər)

an instrument for measuring acceleration, as of aircraft.
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an instrument for measuring and recording the rate of acceleration of an aircraft.
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Noun1.accelerometer - an instrument for measuring the acceleration of aircraft or rocketsaccelerometer - an instrument for measuring the acceleration of aircraft or rockets
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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Release date- 02092019 - In what could be a breakthrough for body sensor and navigation technologies, researchers at KTH have developed the smallest accelerometer yet reported, using the highly conductive nanomaterial, graphene.
Researchers used accelerometers to measure physical activity in nearly 5,900 women aged 63 to 99 for a week.
In contrast to a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) such as GPS, which receives signals from satellites orbiting the Earth, the quantum accelerometer is a self-contained system that does not rely on any external signals.
Models 357A64 and 357M168 are two extreme-temperature (1,200[degrees]F/649[degrees]C), single-ended-output, charge accelerometers with a UHT-12 sensing element and integral hardline cable terminating in a 10-32 jack connector.
[7] have developed a fall detection system based on a barometric pressure sensor and a triaxial accelerometer located on the waist.
[delta][v.sup.n] and [phi] represent velocity error and attitude error, respectively, and [delta][f.sup.n] represents the accelerometer measurement error, which contains accelerometer bias, scale factor error, and misalignment error.
When the accelerometer is still, the pitch angle along its primary axis x is calculated using the following formula: [tan.sup.-1] (x/[square root of ([y.sup.2] + [z.sup.2]))]) (180.0/n).
This research is the prior stage in creating a reliable system for detecting pipeline leakage using accelerometer sensor.
Engineers want smaller accelerometers with more functional capability, feeding signals to data acquisition systems over longer distances.
The sensors utilize BCG techniques and ultra-sensitive Murata MEMS accelerometers to provide vital sign information.
The meta-symbol r and the short-hand notation r [member of] {u, v, w} will be used in a single equation or sentence to represent the u, v, and w accelerometer or direction in the set of equations or sentences that is obtained by first replacing r with u, then with v, and then with w in the same single equation or sentence.
This article expands on that work with differences on the following: (1) correction method for both single accelerometer and multiple accelerometers cases are discussed; (2) experiments validation, analysis, and discussions are supplemented except for numerical case study.