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So Jonathan Meades should open his ears to the true music of the regional accentor even his yurrs.
A total of 274 species was recorded in the club's area, with the highlight being the Siberian accentor, which overwinters in Japan and Thailand.
North of the Arctic Circle, beyond the Ural Mountains, it has a stripy-headed relative, the Siberian Accentor, which has been making headlines across northern Europe.
There are no bulbuls in England -- I did my bulbul fix this summer in Vietnam where there are dozens of different species -- but the music comes courtesy of Robins, Blackbirds and Song Thrushes and the Hedge Accentor or Dunnock.
A variety of bird species including passerine migrants have been observed feeding around lights at night (Lebbin and others 2007), and a Siberian Accentor (Prunella montanella) from Asia subsisted over the winter in Alaska on freeze-dried insects killed the previous summer by a "bug zapper" (Obmascik 2004).
The vagrant list is astounding, with recent firsts including great stone curlew, Asian paradise flycatcher, black-naped oriole, Radde's accentor and even white-rumped sandpiper.
For example, cuckoo, which depends on surrogate mothers to look after its eggs seems to be losing its eggs because of the change in timing of some other species of birds." Lambertini said that in Europe and the US the species of emperor penguin was endangered because fish, which was the staple diet of the bird, was disappearing from the sea whereas Yemen thrush, Yemen accentor and northern baid ibis, were also disappearing for frequent droughts, desertification and lack of preys.
Last week's predictions weren't too bad as I managed to see nutcracker, snowfinch, alpine accentor and alpine chough in the hills whilst the valleys held red-backed shrike, firecrest, marsh and crested tit, and serin among others.