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1. Of or relating to accent.
2. Based on stress accents: accentual rhythm; accentual verse.

[From Latin accentus, accent; see accent.]

ac·cen′tu·al·ly adv.


1. of, relating to, or having accents; rhythmic
2. (Poetry) prosody of or relating to verse based on the number of stresses in a line rather than on the number of syllables. Compare quantitative3
acˈcentually adv


(ækˈsɛn tʃu əl)

1. of or pertaining to accent or stress.
2. pertaining to or based on stress rather than the number or duration of syllables: accentual meter.
[1600–10; < Latin accentu(s) (see accent) + -al1]
ac•cen`tu•al′i•ty, n.
ac•cen′tu•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.accentual - of or pertaining to accent or stress
2.accentual - (of verse) having a metric system based on stress rather than syllables or quantityaccentual - (of verse) having a metric system based on stress rather than syllables or quantity; "accentual poetry is based on the number of stresses in a line"; "accentual rhythm"
quantitative - (of verse) having a metric system based on relative duration of syllables; "in typical Greek and Latin verse of the classical period the rhymic system is based on some arrangement of long and short elements"
syllabic - (of verse) having lines based on number of syllables rather than on rhythmical arrangement of stresses or quantities


[ækˈsentjʊəl] ADJacentual
References in classic literature ?
His chief work was a poem, "Chiliades", in accentual verse of nearly 13,000 lines.
Together with Sidney, who was Leicester's nephew, he was for a while a member of a little group of students who called themselves 'The Areopagus' and who, like occasional other experimenters of the later Renaissance period, attempted to make over English versification by substituting for rime and accentual meter the Greek and Latin system based on exact quantity of syllables.
This process of acquisitions and restructuring, and continue the accentual is really the process of professionalization for lecturing, an approach that starts at the initial training stage and continue throughout the profession, by integrating direct professional experience, but also through specific training approaches.
However one lineates or punctuates the poem, the accentual qualities of the lines in question aren't nearly as important as their syllabic qualities.
This designer excels at shapely dresses that accentual the body in a flattening way yet not hugging it tightly.
Forms that can neither be called purely accentual nor purely quantitative will be called combined forms (M.
Accentual ambiguity appears only if a strong possessive marker is inserted between se and la.
Their topics include prosodic allomorphs in the Estonian declension system, the nature of perceptual differences between accentual peaks and plateaux, late pitch accents in hat and dip intonation patterns, meter-specific timing and pronunciation in German poetry and prose, and anticipatory effects of intonation.
These distinctions are principally based on a difference between national languages that is found in their structure: in prosody (the relationships of accents and syllables in accentual and syllable-counting verse).
This is distinguished from accentual shift in that the latter is a type of metric displacement that maintains an underlying meter but uses groupings that may shift the perception of the metrical downbeat, whereas metrical conflict implies metrical groupings that are distinct from the underlying meter.
Perhaps it is an accentual line ending with two stresses.
The medieval transition from classical quantitative verse ("ancient length: of time") to accentual verse as a minute synecdoche for the transition from classical to modern culture by way of the Middle Ages is a witty reminder that modern times and modern problems are not unique and unprecedented--a principal element in the particular "lesson" required by "today.