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1. Easily approached or entered: The stadium is accessible via public transportation.
2. Easily obtained: accessible money.
3. Easy to talk to or get along with: an accessible manager.
4. Easy to understand or appreciate: an accessible artwork.
5. Designed for use by anyone regardless of physical ability: remodeled the restroom to make it accessible.
6. Easily swayed or influenced: accessible to flattery.

ac·ces′si·bil′i·ty, ac·ces′si·ble·ness n.
ac·ces′si·bly adv.


the ability to be accessed
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Behind the qualities Clifford Geertz attributed to common sense--"[n]aturalness, practicalness, thinness, immethodologicalness, and accessibleness" (283)--resides their byproduct, stereotyping.
The fifth component is "accessibleness," which states that common sense is within the reach of "any person with faculties reasonably intact" (pp.
It is Geertz's functional requirement of "accessibleness" that fits the folktales' strongest criticism and satirization of society.
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