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1. The attainment of a dignity or rank: the queen's accession to the throne.
a. Something that has been acquired or added; an acquisition.
b. An increase by means of something added.
3. Law
a. The addition to or increase in value of property by means of improvements or natural growth.
b. The right of a proprietor to ownership of such addition or increase.
4. Agreement or assent.
5. Access; admittance.
6. A sudden outburst.
tr.v. ac·ces·sioned, ac·ces·sion·ing, ac·ces·sions
To record in the order of acquisition: a curator accessioning newly acquired paintings.

ac·ces′sion·al adj.
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Adj.1.accessional - of or constituting an accession
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'The accessional tokenism of killing a couple terrorists that go to the extreme in these countries is meant to conflate the world and create the impression that they are fully in support of Nigeria's war on terrorism.
Glu-Dt1 allelic variation in synthetic hexaploid wheats derived from durum cultivar 'Decoy' x Aegilops taushii accessional crosses.
Cowan model and pulse correction model have been applied by the accessional software named Netzsch Proteus to avoid the effect of the heat loss and that of the laser pulse width on the experimental results.