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n. pl. ac·ces·so·ries
a. A subordinate or supplementary item; an adjunct.
b. Something nonessential but desirable that contributes to an effect or result. See Synonyms at attachment.
2. Law One who knowingly assists a lawbreaker in the commission of a crime but does not actually participate in that crime.
1. Having a secondary, supplementary, or subordinate function.
2. Law Involving the knowing assistance of a lawbreaker in the commission of a crime without actual participation in the crime.

[Middle English accessorie, from Medieval Latin accessōrius, from accessor, helper, from Latin accessus, approach; see access.]

ac′ces·so′ri·al (-sə-sôr′ē-əl) adj.
ac·ces′so·ri·ly adv.
Usage Note: Although the pronunciation (ə-sĕs′ə-rē), with no (k) sound in the first syllable, is sometimes heard, it is not accepted by a majority of the Usage Panel. In the 1997 survey, 87 percent of the Panelists disapproved of it. The 2012 survey showed an 80 percent disapproval rate.
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Contract notice: Gesat 3/2015, supply of consumables necessary for managing the provision of outpatient services by gesat hemodialysis; and accessorily, the execution of the work of the new nephrology care unit of the hospital of the holy cross of tortosa, which includes the supply and installation of equipment, and the preservation and maintenance of all facilities necessary for the provision of outpatient hemodialysis, through the formation of a surface right and flight.
Informal loans--defined in this paper as including loans from private lenders, accessorily from relatives and friends'--play an important role in the informal financial sector.
Names point to some objects whereas predicates may be only used accessorily during an act of pointing.