accident and emergency

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PESHAWAR -- The New Accident and Emergency Department of Lady Reading Hospital is one of the biggest in Asia and is equipped with all the modern facilities and has the capability to face any kind of emergency like situation.
In the UK, emergency physicians are struggling to get rid of the term Accident and Emergency Department' and have it become 'Emergency Department' alone--but at least these colleagues work in a department
ACCIDENT and emergency attendances at North Tees hospitals have decreased by 8.
Summary: A new Accident and Emergency Hospital in Jebel Ali will strengthen emergency medical care in the emirate, according to a senior health official.
KARACHI -- Functioning of Accident and Emergency of any healthcare facility determines its image but unfortunately in most cases it is the most junior or inexperienced healthcare staff including paramedics who are posted there.
SOLIHULL'S Lorely Burt has been quizzing health ministers in parliament about accident and emergency care in Solihull.
Access to emergency care is confusing and poorly understood, especially in areas that have lost their accident and emergency department.
THE MILLION pound move across town of Coventry's accident and emergency move has not affected performance, according to official statistics.
TEESSIDE hospital trusts are performing better than others across the country when it comes to patients' experiences of accident and emergency.
I WONDER what comments Health Secretary Alan Johnson made when visiting City Hospital on October 11 concerning the scaling down of the accident and emergency department.
THE accident and emergency department at Coventry and Walsgrave Hospital had to be closed and decontaminated following an industrial accident today.
I have attended public meetings in Hartlepool where they have tried to close down the accident and emergency only for the meeting to be abandoned because they could not get all the people in to the building.