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(ˌæksɪˈdɛntəlɪzəm) ,




the state of being accidental
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the philosophic doctrine that claims that events can or do occur without cause. — accidentalist, n.
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However, it also warned against science trying to answer religious and philosophical questions beyond its competence, for example, extrapolating from observed random chemical processes to philosophical accidentalism.
Critics have praised her work for its employment of the Surrealist techniques of automatism and accidentalism, and all 24 paintings from her first solo exhibition in 2011, The Prodigy of Color, sold within two weeks.
(51.) See Christopher Burke's epilogue to Active Literature: Jan Tschichold and New Typography, London, Hyphen Press, 2007, and Christopher Long's discussion of Frank's post-war anti-style of 'accidentalism' in Long, op.
It's from this distinction that my own lack of interest in the performance of poems in their author's own voice takes its origin; the specific occasional delivery is no more than an accidentalism of sound and behavior, since it is the language of the text that has and produces voice, and not the mere vocal equipment and habits of a speaker.