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1. The process of acclimating or of becoming acclimated.
2. Acclimatization.
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Noun1.acclimation - adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment)acclimation - adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment)
adaption, adaptation, adjustment - the process of adapting to something (such as environmental conditions)


Adjustment to a changing environment:
Biology: adaptation.


, acclimation
n. aclimatación.
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1 LCD touch panel and unified interface make the terminal easy to use, and because its compatible with most MFDs, the transition and acclimation period is brief.
Animal advocates say the better the transition for a new puppy (the Kennel Club says that its first 16 weeks "goes a long way" to ensure a puppy's successful acclimation and socialization) the happier its owners.
We identified cold-induced S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase (AdoMetDC; DEG7), cold acclimation specific protein 30 (DEG32) and DnaJ-like protein (DEG41).
For this reason, the acclimation response to temperature change is a pivotal reaction in maintaining their homeostasis under new environmental conditions.
This contributes to both neurogenic and angiogenic processes that take place in the organ during acclimation to hypoxia.
The stories of these creatures' often difficult transport from their native lands, as well as their acclimation to London weather and treatment by well-meaning though often inexperienced keepers, lends a special pathos to this adventure in natural science.
fortunei, such as sampling, transport, rearing, monitoring of the animal's health, acclimation time to the laboratory, size range of the tested animals, monitored physico-chemical parameters, food availability during the experiments, and criteria for the selection of suitable specimens to be tested for each bioassay (Cataldo et al.
Lawrence believes that with more acclimation, the former Far Eastern Tamaraws will eventually settle in with the rest of the Truth.
Acclimation of plants to water deficit is the result of different events, which lead to adaptive changes in plant growth and physio biochemical processes, such as changes in plant structure, growth rate, tissue's osmotic potential and antioxidant defenses.