One that compromises with or adapts to the viewpoint of the opposition.

ac·com′mo·da′tion·ist adj.


(əˌkɒm əˈdeɪ ʃə nɪst)

1. a person who adapts to the opinions or behavior of the opposition or the majority.
2. of or characteristic of such a person.
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For its part, the HDP played up its accommodationist posture toward religion, and co-chairman Selahattin Demirtas described himself as simultaneously a leftist and a faithful Muslim.
Qatar, Oman and Kuwait have either pursued accommodationist policies with regard to Iran, or send conflicting signals.
The Obama Administration has set the country in a direction that is welfarist in economic policy, libertine in social policy, and accommodationist in foreign policy.
Washington is seen as the face of acquiescence to Jim Crow in the South, as an accommodationist and segregationist, but he did what he thought was best to stand up for Blacks and tried to change the way that they were perceived.
This is probably the most conservative and accommodationist hermeneutical strategy available, in that it affirms a single, ultimate truth and radically reinterprets the meaning of texts in order to reconcile any apparently incompatible elements.
Sinologism took a benign form that attempted to accommodate the vast differences of Chinese life, religion, and thought into a broad intellectual system guided by an accommodationist policy.
Han Dynasty official Jia Yi opposed the accommodationist heqin (peace and kinship) policy toward the nomadic Xiongnu empire on the grounds that it violated Confucian norms of hierarchy--it was too humiliating.
Her subsequent extensive study of Park51, the Manhattan Muslim community center, faults the narrow-mindedness and fear tactics of Newt Gingrich and some FOX News pundits, chides the ineffectual and somewhat ambiguous response of President Barack Obama, and lauds the accommodationist rhetoric of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has called for New Yorkers and others to exercise a logical consistency in considering the rights of minority religions.
That does not sound like the Cardozo we remember, but the Cardozo we should remember was an accommodationist.
Since Harwood is a nontheist (the term he prefers over "Atheist") and not in any way an accommodationist, the facts contained in Yeshu are the kind that will not make Christians happy.
The accommodationist elements within Obama's initial counterterrorism approach have faced a similar fate.
Its subtitle notwithstanding, though, "First Class" is less about the rag-tag group of disaffected teen "freaks" whom Xavier must discipline into fighting form than about the psychodrama between him and Erik, whose experience during World War II has made him more militant than the accommodationist Xavier finds comfortable.