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One that compromises with or adapts to the viewpoint of the opposition.

ac·com′mo·da′tion·ist adj.
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(əˌkɒm əˈdeɪ ʃə nɪst)

1. a person who adapts to the opinions or behavior of the opposition or the majority.
2. of or characteristic of such a person.
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It seems to be a move that shows that the confrontationist approach has the upper hand, as compared to the accommodationists, when it comes to shaping American foreign policy toward Iran.
By his own account, he doesn't worry about being seen as a "nice person." In his 2007 memoir, he refers to advocates of traditional foreign policy views as "High Minded accommodationists," "EUroids," and the "Risen Bureaucracy." Interestingly, the only national security adviser in memory who had a comparable suspicion of the bureaucracy was Henry Kissinger.
After Ricci's death in 1610, the struggle between the Catholic Europeanists and the Chinese accommodationists intensified, causing the Jesuit superior general in Rome to send Andre Palmeiro of Portugal to Asia in 1617 to resolve this dispute.
Accommodationists encourage the prevalence of religion, believe government should accommodate it, and consider strict separation to be hostile toward it.
The result is an impious version of one of the best fiction stories produced by Western culture that will delight all Freethinkers, Secular Humanists, and Atheists/nontheists who are not radical accommodationists. Harwood deserves to be congratulated by everybody in the Freethought Movement for adding another wonderful book to Freethought's library!
Accommodationists argue that a rational Iran can be contained.
Washington or George Schuyler, were really just accommodationists, cowards, or opportunists.
(37) Recently, however, a new breed of scholars--let us call them "the accommodationists"--has focused on similarities among, rather than differences between, the rival methods.
It seems to me that the Religious Right folks and the accommodationists of the world do not understand this.
Today Baptist advocates for religious liberty fall into at least two categories: separatists who deny any government assistance to religion and accommodationists who accept any government support of religion that does not privilege one faith over others (179-181).
(58) The Baptist Joint Committee provided a history of the creation and development of the Establishment Clause as a separationist history to fight against what they considered the skewed revised histories provided by the accommodationists.