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Noun1.accompanyist - a person who provides musical accompaniment (usually on a piano)accompanyist - a person who provides musical accompaniment (usually on a piano)
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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As Fagin stepped softly in, the professional gentleman, running over the keys by way of prelude, occasioned a general cry of order for a song; which having subsided, a young lady proceeded to entertain the company with a ballad in four verses, between each of which the accompanyist played the melody all through, as loud as he could.
(21) One Oscar Comettant bemoans the lack of decent accompanists in Paris: "Piano accompanyist! Everybody fancies he is one, for the mildest amateur accompanies in a pinch.
But when he wasn't working for Celts or playing organ in chapel, McLaughlin - a founder of the Scottish League in 1893 - was performing across the city as Gers' official accompanyist.