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tr.v. ac·com·plished, ac·com·plish·ing, ac·com·plish·es
To succeed in doing (a task, for example); carry out or complete. See Synonyms at perform.

[Middle English accomplisshen, from Old French acomplir, acompliss-, to complete : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + complir, to complete (from Latin complēre, to fill out; see complete).]

ac·com′plish·a·ble adj.
ac·com′plish·er n.
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Adj.1.accomplishable - capable of existing or taking place or proving trueaccomplishable - capable of existing or taking place or proving true; possible to do
possible - capable of happening or existing; "a breakthrough may be possible next year"; "anything is possible"; "warned of possible consequences"
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All definable, accomplishable and promising things could be used as tools in developing health, preventing diseases, and improving patient care management.1 Innovativeness is important for improving the quality of care in health services.
It not only makes us better, but it makes everybody else better when we see what is accomplishable.
For example, researchers have developed ways of increasing hope intentionally (e.g., breaking goals down into small, more accomplishable chunks and focusing on one's achievements; Snyder, Lehman, Kluck, & Monsson, 2006).
India, moreover, is unlikely to review its regional hegemonic designs especially when it sees them accomplishable under US patronage.
I am not suggesting we ignore the political issues that are the underlying cause of this crisis, but I am asking that we direct our immediate focus to the human beings who have already suffered greatly, and to make a concerted effort to provide necessary, and accomplishable benefits for the people in question.
As mentioned the US, UK and French intentions, he said that "If the task is to make the Syrian President sit down to the table of negotiations under the shower of bombs, pass the fact off as a victory over him, since brute force is allegedly the only thing he understands, dislodge him upon completion of the negotiations and put him on trial as a 'war criminal' - something the US, the UK and France are threatening with - then this task is not accomplishable."
This approach was chosen because it is efficient and easily accomplishable and allows interactions to be detected.
The terminal temperature differences of LTR and HTR are set to 8[degrees]C, which is a reasonably accomplishable value for current technical equipment.
"Donors are attracted to this museum plan because it is accomplishable and will enhance the economic development of downtown Waukegan," said Michael Edgar, President of Greater Waukegan Development Coalition.
Whereas searching down a showering framework, it is a way distance funding to concede the stand-out kinds of clothes washers that are accomplishable with the goal that it'll secure the alone that's fitting for you and your storeroom.