according to Hoyle

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A reference book of rules for card games and other indoor games.
according to Hoyle
In accord with the prescribed rules or regulations.

[After Edmond Hoyle (1672?-1769), British writer on games.]
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according to Hoyle

In a way that adheres to the rules relating to a particular activity. Edmond Hoyle (1672–1769) was an English authority on games.
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Honestly speaking, the secret to the success of ready-to-cook recipes lies in the ineptitude of modern housewives who are not even capable of seasoning an omelette according to Hoyle and are always looking for a shortcut to get rid of labour-intensive kitchen tasks at the push of a button.
According to Hoyle Tanner's project manager, Josif Bicja, "this unique structure is in immediate need of repair due to its poor condition.
She crossed every "t," dotted every "i," obeyed every law and granted that permit according to Hoyle. What Nucor was trying to do is cause doubt and concern in our investor group and in our debt-holders.