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Noun1.accordion door - an interior door that opens by folding back in sections (rather than by swinging on hinges)accordion door - an interior door that opens by folding back in sections (rather than by swinging on hinges)
interior door - a door that closes off rooms within a building
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She could see Fletcher was caught in the narrow gap behind the outer door and just in front of an accordion door that closed off the elevator car, a no man's land where the floor ended and the edge of the elevator car began.
Mapa, with some help from his design team, took advantage of these features and accentuated the place by trusting his aesthetic urgings: "I really wanted it to have that 'coffee shop in the hills' or 'cabin by the lake' look and feel." They collected pieces from various antique furniture shops and recycled old furniture such as a wooden accordion door.
And the solution to those narrow 16-inch sliding mirrored closet doors is to replace them with an inexpensive accordion door that opens all the way.
Oregon City, OR, October 11, 2013 --( Leading Oregon based custom accordion door company, First Choice Accordion Doors, has reportedly launched a new line of commercial exterior security doors.
One day, the president of Door Manufacturer number 1 gets a call from his best client asking for a 10 percent discount on an order of unassembled accordion doors. Although Door Manufacturer number 1 usually sells fully-assembled accordion doors, occasionally it sells unassembled doors to preferred clients if they buy in bulk.