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A confinement during childbirth; a lying-in.

[French, from accoucher, to assist in childbirth, from Old French : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + coucher, to lay down; see couch.]


(akuʃmɑ̃; English əˈkuːʃmənt)
(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) childbirth or the period of confinement
[C19: from accoucher to put to bed, to give birth. See couch]


(əˈkuʃ mənt, ˌæk uʃˈmɑ̃)

the confinement of childbirth; lying-in.
[1800–10; < French, derivative, with -ment -ment, of accoucher to give birth, assist in giving birth]
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Noun1.accouchement - the parturition process in human beingsaccouchement - the parturition process in human beings; having a baby; the process of giving birth to a child
obstetrical delivery, delivery - the act of delivering a child
active birth - childbirth during which the mother is encouraged to be an active participant
alternative birth, alternative birthing - a method of childbirth that avoids intrusive high-tech medicine in favor of more natural and homely settings
natural childbirth - labor and childbirth without medical intervention; no drugs are given to relieve pain or aid the birth process; "natural childbirth is considered the safest for the baby"
birthing, giving birth, parturition, birth - the process of giving birth


The act or process of bringing forth young:


[əˈkuːʃmɑ̃ːŋ] N (frm) → parto m
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Never would Edna Pontellier forget the shock with which she heard Madame Ratignolle relating to old Monsieur Farival the harrowing story of one of her accouchements, withholding no intimate detail.
Ces IST se transmettent lors de rapports sexuels non proteges, mais certaines peuvent aussi etre contractees lors d'une grossesse ou d'un accouchement. La syphilis peut aussi se transmettre au contact de sang contamine.
Cet article presente les resultats du bilan de la documentation realisee sur les principaux modeles conceptuels utilises pour mesurer la satisfaction des femmes pendant l'accouchement dans les etablissements de sante et les principaux determinants de leur satisfaction.
La subvention SONU couvre de 60% a 80% le prix de l'accouchement (actes, consommables et medicaments) selon le niveau de soins.
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The accouchement of the Ministry of Interior of 1995 did not result significant changes, either.
Cet article fait la lumiere sur les changements intergenerationnels dans les pratiques relatives a la grossesse et l'accouchement dans des zones isolees de la Republique Democratique Populaire Lao, sur une periode de 30 ans.
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