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tr.v. ac·cred·it·ed, ac·cred·it·ing, ac·cred·its
a. To ascribe or attribute (something) to someone: The invention of the lightning rod is accredited to Franklin.
b. To give credit to: the writer who is accredited with having written the piece.
a. To certify as meeting prescribed standards or requirements, as of a profession: a school that is accredited by the state's board of education.
b. To supply with credentials or authority, as of a government: accredit an envoy. See Synonyms at authorize.

[French accréditer : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + crédit, credit (from Old French; see credit).]

ac·cred′it·a·ble adj.


having the ability to be accredited
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That evidence is accreditable to the condition that the tannin extract SM[R] is concocted by Mannich reaction rendering this extract bonded to a quaternary ammonium compound.
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