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v. ac·cret·ed, ac·cret·ing, ac·cretes
To make larger or greater, as by increased growth.
1. To grow together; fuse.
2. To grow or increase gradually, as by addition.

[Back-formation from accretion.]
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1. to grow or cause to grow together; be or become fused
2. to make or become bigger, as by addition
[C18: back formation from accretion]
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v. -cret•ed, -cret•ing,
adj. v.i.
1. to grow together; adhere (usu. fol. by to).
2. to add, as by growth.
3. Bot. grown together.
[1775–85; back formation from accretion]
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Past participle: accreted
Gerund: accreting

I accrete
you accrete
he/she/it accretes
we accrete
you accrete
they accrete
I accreted
you accreted
he/she/it accreted
we accreted
you accreted
they accreted
Present Continuous
I am accreting
you are accreting
he/she/it is accreting
we are accreting
you are accreting
they are accreting
Present Perfect
I have accreted
you have accreted
he/she/it has accreted
we have accreted
you have accreted
they have accreted
Past Continuous
I was accreting
you were accreting
he/she/it was accreting
we were accreting
you were accreting
they were accreting
Past Perfect
I had accreted
you had accreted
he/she/it had accreted
we had accreted
you had accreted
they had accreted
I will accrete
you will accrete
he/she/it will accrete
we will accrete
you will accrete
they will accrete
Future Perfect
I will have accreted
you will have accreted
he/she/it will have accreted
we will have accreted
you will have accreted
they will have accreted
Future Continuous
I will be accreting
you will be accreting
he/she/it will be accreting
we will be accreting
you will be accreting
they will be accreting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been accreting
you have been accreting
he/she/it has been accreting
we have been accreting
you have been accreting
they have been accreting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been accreting
you will have been accreting
he/she/it will have been accreting
we will have been accreting
you will have been accreting
they will have been accreting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been accreting
you had been accreting
he/she/it had been accreting
we had been accreting
you had been accreting
they had been accreting
I would accrete
you would accrete
he/she/it would accrete
we would accrete
you would accrete
they would accrete
Past Conditional
I would have accreted
you would have accreted
he/she/it would have accreted
we would have accreted
you would have accreted
they would have accreted
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Verb1.accrete - grow together (of plants and organs)accrete - grow together (of plants and organs); "After many years the rose bushes grew together"
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
coalesce, conflate, fuse, immix, mix, merge, commingle, blend, meld, flux, combine - mix together different elements; "The colors blend well"
2.accrete - grow or become attached by accretionaccrete - grow or become attached by accretion; "The story accreted emotion"
amass, conglomerate, cumulate, pile up, accumulate, gather - collect or gather; "Journals are accumulating in my office"; "The work keeps piling up"
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vizusammenwachsen; (= increase)zunehmen
vt (= enlarge)anwachsen lassen
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He hypothesizes that essentially it started out as a dry rock and rapidly accreted hydrogen from a primordial disk of gas when its star was very young.
The company attributed the results primarily to a USD751,629 increase in general and administrative expenses, a USD621,226 decrease in government assistance and a USD126,446 increase in business development, offset by a USD894,253 decrease in research and development (R&D) expenses and a USD250,179 increase in accreted interest.
Conversely, any globulars with more pristine compositions would have been nabbed from smaller satellite galaxies that NGC 1277 accreted.
Securities and Exchange Commission, has affirmed the 'BBB+' rating for E-470 Public Highway Authority's (the authority) $759.7 million ($1.485 billion including current value of accreted interest) senior revenue bonds.
In every solar system, the ice line is the distance from the star, past which water exists as ice and can be accreted into the planet.
But countries that do execute sustained rises in GDP can use the accreted wealth to transform their standing.
When these objects rain down or are accreted onto the massive black hole, X-ray flares take place via physical processes such as the non-thermal synchrotron emission [16], the inverse-Compton scattering [17], and stochastic electron acceleration [18].
The securities will be redeemed by CNO at a redemption price, payable in cash, equal to the accreted value of the securities (calculated in accordance with the indenture governing the securities), plus accrued and unpaid interest to, but not including, the redemption date.
If the SRI project successfully achieves the targeted indicators, investors will not recover their original investment amount; the nominal value or accreted value (where applicable) of the SukukIhsan will be mandatorily reduced in accordance with a pre-defined formula.
"The new model explains why we see curved mountains near colliding plates, where material that has been scraped off of one plate and accreted on another is dragged into a curved path on the continent," Miller said.
The report states that while the company sets reserves accretion targets based on reserves accreted through exploratory wells, the reporting against this target included reserves accreted through " reinterpretation and development drilling" reflecting a higher performance than was actually achieved.