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v. ac·crued, ac·cru·ing, ac·crues
1. To come to one as a gain, addition, or increment: interest accruing in my savings account.
2. To increase, accumulate, or come about as a result of growth: common sense that accrues with experience.
3. To come into existence as a claim that is legally enforceable.
To accumulate over time: I have accrued 15 days of sick leave.

[Middle English acreuen, from Old French acreu, past participle of acroistre, to increase, add, from Latin accrēscere, to grow : ad-, ad- + crēscere, to arise; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]

ac·cru′a·ble adj.
ac·crue′ment n.


having the ability to be accrued
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The committee was also mandated to probe revenues accruable from the contracts as well as remittances made to date and losses if any.
The Central Government supplements the efforts of the State Governments to prevent and control cancer and to provide affordable and accruable care.
The main issues covered included: reasons youths engaged in annual street carnivals, benefits accruable from annual carnival, patterns and factors promoting carnival-related violence.
The incentives include one time exemption from duty and taxes on import of plant and machinery for developers and enterprises, 5-year tax holiday on income accruable in relation to the development and operation of the SEZ for the developer and 10-year tax holiday for enterprises on income accruable in relation to the production/operations started by June 30, 2020 and thereafter 5-year tax holiday for enterprises would be admissible.
Master and Doctoral degree holders may lose their motivation to remain on the job if they are not satisfied with the breaks they are allowed to have, if they feel retirement benefits accruable to them are not sufficient, and if they lose their respect in the community because of students' poor performance.
23 hectares was cultivated by the respondents indicating pepper was produced by smallholders and this may influence the adoption of technology employed, the scale of production, output level as well as the revenue accruable to pepper farmers.
Despite the enormous benefits accruable from the application of ergonomics, there seems to be apathy towards ergonomics from industrially developing countries such as Nigeria, and it is totally ignored in most rural sectors due to the traditional belief that MSDs are an integral part of agricultural activities (O'Neill, 2005).
This can only be done when these young, impressionable ones are introduced to the world of the library and all the benefits accruable from it at an early age.
In the forefront of the benefits accruable from physical activity is the prevention and control of a host of medical disorders that may be potentially harmful to both the mother and the child.
This period however coincided with the period when revenues accruable to the State and Local Governments in the federation and disbursable from the Central Federal Authority began to witness an increasing decline or dip.
However, rarely investigated issues include the disincentive associated with the use of the technology in the economy such as displacement of labour and comparative accruable margin as well as masked benefits e.
The NNPC spokesperson maintained that crude theft and pipeline vandalism would continue to degrade the environment, increase operational costs, impact negatively on the image of the country and reduce revenue accruable to the nation.