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v. ac·crued, ac·cru·ing, ac·crues
1. To come to one as a gain, addition, or increment: interest accruing in my savings account.
2. To increase, accumulate, or come about as a result of growth: common sense that accrues with experience.
3. To come into existence as a claim that is legally enforceable.
To accumulate over time: I have accrued 15 days of sick leave.

[Middle English acreuen, from Old French acreu, past participle of acroistre, to increase, add, from Latin accrēscere, to grow : ad-, ad- + crēscere, to arise; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]

ac·cru′a·ble adj.
ac·crue′ment n.
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Adj.1.accrued - periodically accumulated over timeaccrued - periodically accumulated over time; "accrued interest"; "accrued leave"
increased - made greater in size or amount or degree
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[əˈkruːd] adj (interest) → maturato/a
accrued charges → ratei mpl passivi
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Here are children in abundance, and what benefit could have accrued to me from his purchasing Vernon?
is it of his inheritance, or by what means hath it accrued to him?''
'Twas the most compenjus conversation that iver accrued. Double game an' twice runnin' - all to us." Dan kicked Harvey under the table, and Harvey choked in his cup.
From post 2015 to December 2018, the fertilizer (fuel) sector total accrued amount was Rs 2.5 billion out of that Rs 1 billion was deposited while Rs 1.5 billion are outstanding, fertilizer feed (old) total accrued amount is Rs 112.4 billion out of which Rs 55 billion were deposited while Rs 57.5 billion are outstanding, fertilizer feed (new) total accrued amount is Rs 55.6 billion out of which Rs 1.1 billion was deposited while Rs 54.5 billion is outstanding.
The wage fund accrued to these employees amounted to 7.5 trillion soums.
Pensioners' accrued rights are the term used to describe what the Federal Government owes its workers who have been in service before the commencement of the Pensions Reform Act, 2004.
As per findings of the bank customer survey regarding customer plans to repatriate dividends for the previous year, the NBU had evaluated their potential demand on foreign currency on the interbank market and decided to set a uniform limit on dividends in foreign currency, accrued for all previous years.
A,' No you do not have to remit a paycheck for accrued sick leave.
In the first approach, a plan could have provided for two separate portions of the accrued benefit that were determined without regard to any election of optional form of benefit and permitted a participant to select different distribution options with respect to each of those portions.
More recently, the EAT held in the case of Plumb v Duncan Print Group that 'at most' accrued annual leave should be taken within 18 months from the end of the leave year in which it accrued.
The payment of all accumulated deferred interest, plus accrued interest, was made to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co Inc for placement of such funds into the trust account of First Preferred Capital Trust IV maintained on the books and records of The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co.