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1. Conforming exactly to fact; errorless.
2. Deviating only slightly or within acceptable limits from a standard.
3. Capable of providing a correct reading or measurement: an accurate scale.
4. Acting or performing with care and precision; meticulous: an accurate proofreader.

[Latin accūrātus, done with care, past participle of accūrāre, to do with care : ad-, ad- + cūrāre, to care for (from cūra, care; see cure).]

ac′cu·rate·ly adv.
ac′cu·rate·ness n.
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APPENDIX B Coding Scheme Code Description Communication Communication Quality of communication is assessed by quality considering the following aspects: timeliness, accurateness, adequateness, completeness, and credibility (Mohr and Spekman 1994) Information The extent to which critical, often proprietary, sharing information is communicated to one's partner (Mohr and Spekman 1994, p.
Improvement and accurateness depends on used statistical modus operandi, significance of information and constructive hope management.
Improvement and accurateness is depends on used statistical modus operandi, significance of information and constructive hope management.
In order to determine the accurateness of the finite element method results, we acquired finite element analysis, made according to ISO 14801:2007, for two dental implant systems, with replica abutments and screws.
Accordingly, performance ambiguity refers to the employee's capacity to appraise work accurateness and to appropriately assess it's usefulness for the employer (Ouchi, 1980).
According to Moritz & Woodward (2006), this abnormality in meta-memory is thought to stem from poor memory accurateness in concurrence with impaired discrimination of correct and incorrect judgments in terms of assurance and could contribute, if we establish a bridge with psychiatric clinical reality, to the emergence of delusions and according to Garety & Freeman (1999), aberrations in logical thinking.
Evaluation of the IBR technique with image based sky models are done in two categories: The first category is a theoretical validation, where the objective is to study the accurateness of the IBL technique in comparison to PBR.
To explore some of the grounds for this allegation as well as its accurateness, the present study examines the attributions made by both sexes regarding the motivation for women's sexualized appearance.
The need for precision and accurateness -they claim- is at the basis of this kind of borrowing.
However, the development of light-scattering and neutron-scattering techniques showed not only that such relaxation times could be measured with accurateness, but that they were dependent on the wavevector in such a way that nonlocal effects should be taken into consideration.