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1. Conforming exactly to fact; errorless.
2. Deviating only slightly or within acceptable limits from a standard.
3. Capable of providing a correct reading or measurement: an accurate scale.
4. Acting or performing with care and precision; meticulous: an accurate proofreader.

[Latin accūrātus, done with care, past participle of accūrāre, to do with care : ad-, ad- + cūrāre, to care for (from cūra, care; see cure).]

ac′cu·rate·ly adv.
ac′cu·rate·ness n.
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One technique to increase the accurateness of sentiment analysis was to integrate prior data, i.
Implicitly we know that signature accurateness come with increased computational complexity and are less universal.
The accurateness is the proportion of cases that are correctly classified.
Howe depicted her brother with uncanny stripped accurateness.
Overall, the participants revealed that they felt the journalists lacked knowledge about the disease and transmission modes; perpetuated a discriminatory attitude toward PLHIV, and at times violated professional standards of accurateness, completeness, and ethical responsibilities.
15 Apart from these, ODTs also offer easily measured dosing16, consequently accurateness of dosage can be obtained.
A microphone implanted within an earphone determines the resonance of sounds in the ear cavity in order to create a biometric profile, and NEC says its accurateness is better than 99%.
From a medical position, use of such imagery allows for critique, explanation and opinions as to the manner by which the injection was performed, verify the accurateness of what was done and where, and provide a level of accountability by the physician to the patient with respect to the treatment received.
The accurateness of the EVM, ES, KF, and KF/LC forecasting methods was assessed extensively at different forecasting periods.
According to Robinson and Rousseau (1994) accurateness of organizational image is very important, it gives reputation to the organization.
Validity subscale is included in the other SAQ subscales, and the specific items on this subscale allow one to validate the offender's accurateness in responding to the SAQ's items.
Specifically, the organization should assess the managers' and supervisors' communication skills to employees of all levels, their guidance of the employees they supervise and manage, their training and if it is up-to-date, their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other managers and supervisors, the strength and accurateness of their completion of performance appraisals and their reporting of any employee complaints in conjunction with company policies (Maurer & Snyder, 2014).