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 (ə-kûr′sĭd, ə-kûrst′) also ac·curst (ə-kûrst′)
1. Abominable; hateful: this accursed mud.
2. Being under a curse; doomed.

[Middle English acursed, past participle of acursen, to put a curse on : a-, intensive pref. (from Old English ā-) + Old English cursian, to cursefrom curs, curse).]

ac·curs′ed·ly adv.
ac·curs′ed·ness n.
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(əˈkɜːsɪd; əˈkɜːst) or


1. under or subject to a curse; doomed
2. (prenominal) hateful; detestable; execrable
[Old English ācursod, past participle of ācursian to put under a curse]
accursedly adv
acˈcursedness n
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(əˈkɜr sɪd, əˈkɜrst)

also ac•curst


1. under a curse.
2. damnable.
[before 1000; Middle English; Old English ācursod, past participle of ācursian. See a-3, curse]
ac•curs′ed•ly, adv.
ac•curs′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.accursed - under a curseaccursed - under a curse        
cursed, curst - deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier; "villagers shun the area believing it to be cursed"; "cursed with four daughter"; "not a cursed drop"; "his cursed stupidity"; "I'll be cursed if I can see your reasoning"
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So annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation:
Informal: blamed, damned.
Chiefly British: blooming, ruddy.
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lânetlenmişlânetlinefret edilenuğursuz


(o.f.) accurst (o.f.) [əˈkɜːst] ADJ (liter) → maldito; (= ill-fated) → infausto, desventurado
accursed be he who ...!¡maldito sea quien ...!, ¡mal haya quien ...!
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[əˈkɜːrsɪd] adj
(old-fashioned) (= damned) → maudit(e)
(literary) (= cursed) → maudit(e)
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, accurst
(inf: = hateful) → verwünscht
(old, liter: = under a curse) to be accursedunter einem Fluch or bösen Zauber stehen
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(əˈkəːsid) adjective
1. under a curse.
2. hateful.
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References in classic literature ?
Accursed ground Henceforth I hold thy flower-enamelled shore, O hyacinthine isle!
For one of these accursed creatures was the First of January, and the other the Twenty-fifth of December.
Of course, I am referring only to these accursed gewgaws, to these frills and fripperies!
I am certain of it, and it is as true as that I was born to die, that these accursed books of chivalry he has, and has got into the way of reading so constantly, have upset his reason; for now I remember having often heard him saying to himself that he would turn knight-errant and go all over the world in quest of adventures.
There may be powers that are not malignant traveling this accursed road.
"To think that that accursed zero should have turned up NOW!" she sobbed.
"Do you mean to say," cried Gania, from the other corner, "do you mean to say that railways are accursed inventions, that they are a source of ruin to humanity, a poison poured upon the earth to corrupt the springs of life?"
``Most accursed dog of an accursed race,'' he said, awaking with his deep and sullen voice the sullen echoes of his dungeon vault, ``seest thou these scales?''
"Did he run away, fellow?--where is that Accursed?"
The accursed shark alone can in any generic respect be said to bear comparative analogy to him.
Will ye never have done, Carpenter, with that accursed sound?
Here I found some young onions, a couple of gladiolus bulbs, and a quantity of immature carrots, all of which I secured, and, scrambling over a ruined wall, went on my way through scarlet and crimson trees towards Kew-- it was like walking through an avenue of gigantic blood drops--possessed with two ideas: to get more food, and to limp, as soon and as far as my strength permitted, out of this accursed unearthly region of the pit.