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Noun1.ace of diamonds - the ace in the diamond suitace of diamonds - the ace in the diamond suit    
ace - one of four playing cards in a deck having a single pip on its face
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as de diamantesas de oros
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Charlie Russell had a distinctive signature, the buffalo skull, and your father, Ace Powell, had the ace of diamonds on his paintings.
With her latest relationship woes giving her inspiration to lay down a track in the studio, Chyna later spent time at Ace of Diamonds. During her night out, she crossed paths with Rob's sister Khloe Kardashian, who was with her NBA player boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.
Preference is for John Oxx's charge Nonetheless, unlucky in running when fifth to Ace Of Diamonds on her seasonal debut at Leopardstown before filling the same spot behind Light That in Cork.
However, all that changes after he single-handedly manages to catch a bank robber and then starts to receive playing cards with names and addresses on them in the mail, the first one being the Ace of Diamonds.
But more objectively the big Ace of Diamonds III [1986-96] is a great work in its simplicity of form, grand scale, and elegant movement achieved by simple means.
As the returning Sam Hammam said last week: "When he is hard, Vincenti Tana isthe ace of diamonds, whenh he is soft he is the ace of hearts."
"What we would like is for him to be our ace of diamonds when we are against opposition, whether in buying players, playing against Premier League clubs or anything of a practical business nature.
The ace of diamonds, on my scheme, is a sports- man (ace) who got rich (diamonds) -- OK, Michael Jordan.
moan, #avfc AVFC If Agbonlahor was the king of hearts, Bannan was the ace of diamonds.
The young Scot turned over the ace of diamonds and three of clubs against Juanda's king of diamonds and two of diamonds in the last hand.