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Noun1.ace of hearts - the ace in the heart suitace of hearts - the ace in the heart suit    
ace - one of four playing cards in a deck having a single pip on its face
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The oblong white ceiling, with this scarlet blot in the midst, had the appearance of a gigantic ace of hearts.
Trudy and a custom made ring from one of Nashville's finest jewelers, Mishoe staged the event as his signature song, Ace of Hearts was playing.
"But draw a card anyway." Bill drew the ace of hearts. "I wonder what the odds were against a red," he said.
The tracks are "Onwards", "Call My Soul", "Sunny Side of Town", "The Mararet Keene", "Soldiers and Sailors", "Wickwire", "The Day You Left", "Ace of Hearts", "In the Shade", "You Don't Even Know It Yet", "Old Tom", and "Settle Down Blues".
Outside the hat was an Ace of Hearts with the heart broken.
"It's an industrial box with 21st century thinking." 5 During a meeting with magician David Blaine, the performer did a magic trick with an ace of hearts and signed it for Rosenthal.
So your chance of drawing either an ace of spade or an ace of hearts (2 possibilities) from a total of 52 cards is 2 out of 52.
You can't remember what singing sounded like before the Ace of Hearts punctured your last lung, can't feel your buddy tapping your shoulder asking "How much you down?" You remember the elevator ride to your room, 39 floors of sunk stomach before the white scowl of a towel spread across the bathroom floor.
Black cape jacket PS59.99, Zara Ace of hearts box clutch PS25, miss Block heel courts PS12, George @ Asda If you're thinking of releasing your arms and embracing this season's cape trend, check out these stylish celebs for inspiration.
But the police have established no connection between the packets in Vineberg's apartments and the packets bearing the label "Ace of Spades'' or a mark for an ace of hearts found scattered around Hoffman when he was found dead in his Greenwich Village apartment.
Plus, numerous bags of heroin with the label "Ace of Spades" and ace of hearts playing card image were found in his NYC apartment.