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having no center; not centered
Not to be confused with:
eccentric – strange, weird, bizarre; deviating from customs or practice; erratic; peculiar: an eccentric hermit
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1. without a centre
2. not on centre; eccentric
3. (Genetics) genetics (of a chromosome or chromosome fragment) lacking a centromere
(Genetics) an acentric chromosome or fragment
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(eɪˈsɛn trɪk)

1. not centered; having no center.
2. (of a chromosome) lacking a centromere.
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Adj.1.acentric - lacking a centromereacentric - lacking a centromere; "an acentric chromosome fragment"
2.acentric - not centered or having no centeracentric - not centered or having no center  
nonconcentric, eccentric - not having a common center; not concentric; "eccentric circles"
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a. acéntrico, fuera del centro.
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Selective elimination of acentric double minutes from cancer cells through the extrusion of micronuclei.
Micronuclei (MN) arise from whole chromosomes or acentric fragments that are delayed during anaphase, either by the lack of centromeres or by damage to the mitotic spindle (Schmid, 1975).
DISCUSSION: Nuclear aberrations are either acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosome lagging in the normal karyokinesis (12, 13).
The early prophase sporocyte is polarized; one hemisphere contains the acentric nucleus while two sausage shaped plastids are positioned in the other (Figs.
Series such as "Strutturazioni acentriche" (Acentric Structuralizations), 1962, in which cell-like bodies rotating at a uniformly accelerated speed intermittently produce light; "Strutturazioni pulsanti" (Pulsating Structuralizations), 1959, in which modulated parallelepipeds of polystyrene, foam rubber, and wood are moved electro mechanically; and "Rilievi intermutabili" (Interchangeable Reliefs), 1959, in which spheres between wood and rubber sheets can be moved manually, radically changing the appearance of the work, reveal the artist's dual interest in the "viewer's intervention" and the "choice of a simple and industrial material." The emphatically participatory nature of these works, moreover, portends the developments that would lead to Colombo's first environment, Strutturazione.
In these correlations beside previous properties, other properties such as reservoir fluid composition, pour point temperature, molar mass, normal boiling point, critical temperature and acentric factor of components are used [9, 10].
The acentric factor, [omega], of the heaviest component in the characterized heptanes plus fraction;
In the INVARIANT routine, EXPO is able to provide the probabilistic estimate of the structure factor modulus (the positivity condition of the electron density is considered in the reciprocal space) by using triplet relationships both in the centric case and in the acentric case.
Microtubule flux mediates poleward motion of acentric chromosome fragments during meiosis in insect spermatocytes.
Micronuclei are formed by the condensation of acentric chromosomal fragments or by whole chromosomes, which have had a lagging movement during anaphase and consequently are excluded postmitotically from daughter cells and form small nuclei or micronuclei (Sorsa 1984, Carrano & Natarajan 1988, Tucker & Preston 1996).
In the event of a steep cline for dysfunction displaced from the center of the (morphological) zone, these crosses will locate it between two acentric populations.
Micronuclei are results from acentric chromosome fragments or chromosomes that delay, in relation to others in their migration to the poles of the cell in anaphase (AL-SABT; METCALFE, 1995; HEDDLE, 1973; SCHMIDT, 1975).