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1. without a centre
2. not on centre; eccentric
3. (Genetics) genetics (of a chromosome or chromosome fragment) lacking a centromere
(Genetics) an acentric chromosome or fragment


(eɪˈsɛn trɪk)

1. not centered; having no center.
2. (of a chromosome) lacking a centromere.
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Adj.1.acentric - lacking a centromereacentric - lacking a centromere; "an acentric chromosome fragment"
2.acentric - not centered or having no centeracentric - not centered or having no center  
nonconcentric, eccentric - not having a common center; not concentric; "eccentric circles"


a. acéntrico, fuera del centro.
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His use of Twitter for announcing his major policy initiatives, political decisions and comments on any event, person or problem is equally unusual, which mainstream political figures around the world may regard as acentric.
Mitotic spindle changes, at significant frequency, provoke nuclear instability by inducing structural chromosome damage, giving rise to acentric fragments, which therefore form micronuclei at the end of cell division.
In this sense, the following variables were taken from reported literature [2-4]: system pressure and temperature; mole fraction of the mixture; components of the mixture; critical values of each component, and their acentric factor.
Images such as Deleuze's decentred rhizome and Derrida's acentric free-play have influenced contemporary understanding of political phenomena and internet media, but their connection to mythical imagery has gone unremarked.
ReFGen models the fuel as few pseudo-components (CxHyOz) characterized by their molecular weight, critical properties and acentric factor taking into account the distillation curve and density of the fuel.
The issue we would like to examine here is whether the experimental literature indeed points to the idea that a weak form of micro-PK skill is distributed throughout the population at a detectable level, thus justifying a universalist research strategy, or whether it suggests instead a highly acentric distribution, with micro-PK being a strong but rare or exceptional skill.
It is now well-established that MN mainly originate from acentric chromosome fragments, acentric chromatid fragments or whole chromosomes that fail to be included in the daughter nuclei at the completion of telophase during mitosis because they did not attach properly with the spindle during the segregation process in anaphase [73].
1] are the values of subentry of the compressibility factor, which are nondimensional, and to is the acentric factor.
To be honest, on reflection, to me and my mates back in the early 70s Jimmy came across as an acentric type of a character, certainly not someone whom on first appearance you would have taken for an ex pro.
MN can contain whole chromosomes (mis-segregated during mitosis) or acentric fragments, which are usually the result of misrepaired or unrepaired DNA double-strand breaks.