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Noun1.acephalism - absence of the head (as in the development of some monsters)acephalism - absence of the head (as in the development of some monsters)
teras, monster - (medicine) a grossly malformed and usually nonviable fetus
abnormalcy, abnormality - an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies
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They consider such examples as acephalism in America, Turkish women, the taint of Jewish trans-nationality in mercantilist literature and The Merchant of Venice, tobacco, foreign and mysterious elements in the Elizabethan Settlement of religion, and Oriental motifs in English courts and civic entertainments.
He knows that difficulty as such, along with its cortege of problems and questions, is not a de facto state of affairs but a de jure structure of thought; that there is an acephalism in thought, just as there is an amnesia in memory, an aphasia in language and an agnosia in sensibility.
Acephalism, aphasia, amnesia, agnosia--Swinburne dwells on each.