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Needlelike, as the leaves of pine; acerate.

[New Latin acerōsus, incorrect use of Latin acerōsus, full of chaff (as if from acus, needle, or ācer, sharp), from acus, acer-, chaff; see ak- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈæsəˌrəʊs; -ˌrəʊz) (ˈæsəˌrəs) or


(Botany) shaped like a needle, as pine leaves
[C18: from Latin acerōsus full of chaff (erroneously used by Linnaeus as if derived from ācer sharp)]
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(ˈæs əˌroʊs)

needle-shaped, as the leaves of the pine.
[1775–85; misattribution of acer- to Latin acus needle, whose s. is acu- and not acer- (compare acute)]
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Adj.1.acerose - narrow and long and pointedacerose - narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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From Figure 4(a), we see there are innumerable various plant leaves, but these leaves can be clustered into several similar classes by leaf shape description or similarity measure, such as Acerose, Linear, Gladiate, Ensiform, Oblanceolate, Ovate, Oval, Obovate, and Elliptic.
CAPERER AXONEME BELABOR ANIMATO LITOTES ACEROSE SPIVS HUMIC AJIVA GADID SHEDS The largest heterogram grids (no letter of the alphabet appearing more than once) are of size 4x4.
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