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n. pl. ac·e·tab·u·la (-lə)
1. Anatomy The cup-shaped cavity at the base of the hipbone into which the ball-shaped head of the femur fits.
2. Zoology A cavity or socket in the body of an insect into which an appendage fits.
3. Zoology A cup-shaped structure, such as the sucker of a tapeworm or leech.

[Latin acētābulum, vinegar cup, from acētum, vinegar; see acetum.]

ac′e·tab′u·lar (-lər) adj.
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Adj.1.acetabular - of the cup-shaped socket that receives the head of the thigh boneacetabular - of the cup-shaped socket that receives the head of the thigh bone
concave - curving inward
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According to the suit he filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court in April, Hatcher had hip replacement surgery in 2007, at which time he received a hip implant called a Durom Acetabular Component, or the "Durom cup," a Zimmer product.
of Southern California) argues for a balance between old and new techniques and surgical and nonsurgical approaches in orthopedics and addresses controversial issues in general trauma and reconstructive hip surgery, noting problems with specific treatments and making the case for the use of specific techniques for problems ranging from acetabular and pelvic fractures to hemiplegia to wound closure and dressing.
The metal DePuy ASR XL acetabular system total hip replacement and the ASR hip resurfacing system have been used in more than 93,000 hip replacement surgeries worldwide, including 10,000 UK patients.
announced it is voluntarily recalling the ASR(TM) XL Acetabular System and DePuy ASR(TM) Hip Resurfacing System used in hip replacement surgery due to the number of patients who required a second hip replacement procedure, called a revision surgery.
This case report reiterates this fundamental principle as it highlights migration of the acetabular construct following over-reaming in a patient with protrusio acetabuli.
Topics include: positioning and set-up, portals, iliopsoas tendon release, abductor repairs, iliotibial band release, microfracture, revision hip arthroscopy, arthroscopic management of pincer impingement, and arthroscopic acetabular labral reconstruction using an iliotibial band autograft.
femoral stems with modular interchangeable and adjustable necks, and with their Fixa Ti-Por and DELTA TT acetabular cups they have taken this innovativeness one step further.
We report the case of a patient with isolated acetabular involvement during pregnancy, confirmed by MRI scan, who obtained spontaneous remission of her symptoms.
Recently, the occurrence of acetabular labral tears has been documented in a number of elite athletes, including professional golfers (McCarthy et al.
Our results confirm earlier work done at Rush and at other institutions: that cementless acetabular components work very well and that long-term biological fixation can be obtained," said Dr.