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The acetabulum may be helpful to forensic anthropology experts during the identification process due to the differences it exhibits in sex and race (Dhindsa, 2013).
However, the procedure is often difficult, particularly the step that involves the so-called milling out of the acetabulum, one of the most delicate and difficult steps to practice.
Ceramic head with a diameter of 32 mm and 36 mm corresponding to the increasing diameter of the acetabulum in three lengths of the neck.
The stability of the hip, the concentricity of the femoral head below the acetabular roof, and the condition of the acetabulum are the major factors influencing the outcome of non-operative treatment of the acetabulum fractures [3].
PESHAWAR -- Two-day workshop on Pelvic and Acetabulum fracture organized by Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) concluded here Wednesday.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma organised two-day 16th Pelvic and Acetabulum Fracture Workshops at Khyber Medical College Peshawar.
This two-volume set contains 67 chapters by orthopedic surgeons and other specialists from North America, Europe, India, and Australia, who discuss aspects of fractures in adults, including basic principles, the principles and biomechanics of fracture treatments, management principles, and complications and adverse outcomes, and injuries of the upper and lower extremity, axial skeleton, pelvis, and acetabulum, with information on assessment, anatomy, treatment options, the author's preferred treatment, management of special situations, expected adverse outcomes, unexpected complications, and controversies and future directions.
The hip is a complex ball-andsocket joint comprising the acetabulum, proximal femur, and articular cartilage.
Initial mechanical stability cannot be achieved if the acetabular cup does not sit properly in contact with the bottom of the acetabulum and leaves a gap between the cup and the bone.
Let me explain The hip joint consists of a round head (part of the femur or thigh bone) lying in a cup shaped socket (formed by a part of the pelvis called the acetabulum).
There was one case that could not be successfully registered due to the complexity of the patient's native acetabulum. Registration was immediately repeated for all 12 errors intraoperatively, of which five cases (42%) that all received a registration pass on second attempt still resulted in scenarios where the postoperative x-ray did not match the preoperative plan.