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(ˌæsɪˈtænɪˌlaɪd) or


(Elements & Compounds) a white crystalline powder used in the manufacture of dyes and rubber, as an analgesic in medicine, and as a precursor in penicillin manufacture. Formula: C6H5NHCOCH3
[C19: from aceto- + aniline + -ide]
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(ˌæs ɪˈtæn lˌaɪd)

a white, crystalline powder, C8H9NO, used chiefly in organic synthesis and formerly to relieve pain and reduce fever.
[1860–65; acet- + anilide (see anil, -ide)]
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Noun1.acetanilide - a white crystalline compound used as an analgesic and also as an antipyretic
analgesic, anodyne, pain pill, painkiller - a medicine used to relieve pain
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The bound HRP conjugate catalyzes the oxidation of the luminol derivative, produces the light and electron transfer agent (Substituted acetanilide) increases the level of light produced and prolongs its emission which will be measured as cut off signal ratio by the system.The amount of HRP conjugate bound is indicative of the level of theanti-HCV present in the sample.
The complete degradation of acetanilide by a consortium of microbes isolated from River Maros.
The samples were weighed into ultra-clean, 8x5 mm tin (Sn) capsules and analysed against a known set of standards (acetanilide chemical standard for organic C and ANU sucrose for [sup.13]C).
Butachlor Market: General Outline Butachlor also known as 'Machete' is an organic herbicide that belongs to the acetanilide group of chemicals, and is utilized as a pre-emergent selective herbicide employed against grasses.
The emergence of defects after the electropolishing process was also observed in 316L grade steel, where the application of a temperature of 55[degrees]C and current density of 0.20 Ax[cm.sup.-2] led to emerging surface defects (smudges on the surface of electropolished samples) in the bath of sulfuric acid(VI), orthophosphoric acid, glycol, oxalic acid, and acetanilide.
The calibration standard was acetanilide. Elemental analysis results of samples were obtained in duplicate with an estimated precision of [+ or -]0.3%.
The regioselectivity of CYP1A2-mediated metabolism was investigated for caffeine, theophylline, acetanilide, naproxen, tacrine, amitriptyline, clozapine, and alkoxyresorufins by Jung and coworkers [67].
Acetanilide ([C.sub.8][H.sub.9]NO, C 71.09%, N 10.36%) and atropine ([C.sub.17][H.sub.23]N[O.sub.3], C 70.56%, N 4.84%) were from Costech Analytical Technologies Inc., USA, and used as standards of carbon content.
As a kind of acetanilide antipyretic analgesics, acetaminophen only relieves a mild-moderate pain.