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 (ə-sēt′l, ăs′ĭ-tl)
The methyl acyl group, CH3CO, formally derived from acetic acid.

ac′e·tyl′ic (ăs′ĭ-tĭl′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.acetylic - of or related to acetic acidacetylic - of or related to acetic acid  
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Effects of acetylic salicylic acid and pentoxifylline on the efficacy of intravesical BCG therapy in orthotopic murine bladder cancer (MB49).
The faint absorption peaks corresponding to C=C stretching vibrations occur around 1640 [cm.sup.-1] and acetylic C=0 stretching vibrations around 1733 [cm.sup.-1].
"They were brought from Argentina and were intended to work by acetylic fuel but as far as it was expensive a decision was