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Noun1.achievability - the state of being achievableachievability - the state of being achievable  
possibleness, possibility - capability of existing or happening or being true; "there is a possibility that his sense of smell has been impaired"
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They're about ideas and plans that ultimately convey vision and achievability to the reviewer.
Government economics chief Kemal Dervis has set a 2002 growth target of 3%, which he described as "not overly optimistic", yet its achievability will depend on a number of key factors.
To cope with this situation, at the beginning of the preprocessing phase, GRT performs an achievability analysis concerning the facts of the planning problem and computes the mutual-exclusion relations between them in a GRAPHPLAN-like manner (Blum and Furst 1997).
The GPS III architecture study will assess mission needs and requirements of the existing satellite-based navigation system and will validate their achievability by developing innovative architecture recommendations.
said evidence is building that supports the "notion of a moderation in consumer activity." Moreover, there are increasing concerns over "the achievability of earnings forecasts," the analysts said.
We continue the theme of freshness and achievability in our pages this month with "A Garden in a Day" (page 138) and "Herbs in an Hour" (page 148).
The objectives were then placed on a grid against which the potential positive business impact and achievability were considered.
The Reagan Administration also bought into the fantasies of physicist Edward Teller and others about the achievability of a space-based X-ray laser as part of the Star Wars (Strategic Defense Initiative) program.
The first test of achievability was the creation of an agenda on which almost all current and aspiring GOP members could agree.
The objectives were to 1) assess the achievability of the enhanced coagulation TOC removal requirements in the proposed D/DBP Rule; 2) evaluate the effect of the alternative performance criterion on TOC removal requirements; and 3) demonstrate and interpret the effects of specific raw water characteristics on the removal of organic carbon by coagulation.
Then in late September, the mark appreciated sharply against most other European currencies as concerns grew about Europe's political and fiscal prospects and the achievability of European monetary union (EMU) as scheduled.
Consider what happened to one company when it sought to create an international alliance but lacked a framework for evaluating the cross-cultural achievability of the alliance's goals.